Functional department


Office (Party and Mass Work Department)
Responsible for important conference affairs, official documents, seals, confidentiality, informatization, archives, statistics and planning, and overall coordination.
Contact: Zhong Ruyu
Project Management Department
Responsible for project introduction, daily management of projects, providing industrial links, investment and financing services required for project industrialization.
Contact: Pan Xiangfeng
Human Resources Department
Responsible for overall development plan, system construction, personnel recruitment, employee management, employee incentive system construction and other related work.
Contact: Xu Jing
Financial Work Department
Responsible for financial operations, accounting, cost control and other related work.
Contact: Xiao Yijuan
Floor 16-18, Jingang Business Building, Dachanwan Port District, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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