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Southern Institute of Industrial Technology

In order to fully implement Xi Jinping's guiding ideology of giving full play to the role of innovation as the first driving force and promoting the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, further implement the "Notice on Promoting and Learning from Shenzhen Special Economic Zone's Innovative Measures and Experiences" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, and continuously improve the "basic research + technical breakthrough". + Achievement Industrialization + Technological Finance + Talent Support" the whole process innovation ecological chain. The municipal party committee and government take "innovation" as the leading strategy for urban development, and create a high-end platform for innovative services. As a large economic area and a strong industrial area, Bao'an District is committed to transforming from a "large manufacturing area" to a "strong manufacturing area", creating a world-class advanced manufacturing highland, and making greater contributions to the construction of "dual districts". In this context, the People's Government of Bao'an District and Southern University of Science and Technology jointly established the Southern Institute of Industrial Technology (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to as "ITRI"). On April 1, 2021, ITRI was officially approved and approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and it is a second-class public institution in Shenzhen. The unveiling ceremony will be held. ITRI ​​is located in Jingang Business Building, Dachanwan District, Bao'an District, with a direct operating space of 10,000 square meters.




— Target setting —


ITRI aims to be based in Bao'an, face the world, focus on strategic emerging industrial clusters and future industries, closely integrate the common needs of enterprises, provide technical support and R&D guarantee for key common technical problems faced by industrial development, and promote basic research, technical research, The industrialization of achievements has been spiraling up alternately, forming a deep integration technology innovation system of "government, industry, academia, and research," and striving to build it into an important base for innovation, intelligence, and talent training in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, and even the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.




— Functional tasks —



Carry out research and development of key common technologies

Follow the "three-step" strategic path, focus on breakthroughs first, and focus on strategic emerging industries and future industries. Market-oriented screening technology research projects will be settled in ITRI, and resources will be jointly invested to establish a joint laboratory. More linkages will be made to link the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain for settled enterprises, universities and institutions such as SUSTech, and investment institutions, and jointly launch industry-university-research cooperation projects. Finally, build a platform ecology, refine key common technology needs, initiate key common technology research and development, and promote the industrialization of research and development results.


Promote the transfer and transformation of key common technologies.

Provide various types of services required for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements for enterprises and professional and technical personnel in Shenzhen and Baoan District: hold industry summits to promote the in-depth integration and development of upstream and downstream enterprises in various industries; provide cutting-edge technology lectures and special trainings to improve related enterprises Professional and technical level of engineers; organize industrial capital and technology docking exchange meetings, strengthen the promotion of related types of enterprises, and provide a capital cooperation platform.


Build a public test platform and service platform.

The first is to build a sharing platform for scientific research instruments and equipment, integrate the scientific research instruments and equipment of universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises and other units represented by Southern University of Science and Technology, and open and share it for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs. The second is to build a pilot test service platform, build a pilot test maturation service platform with the integration and supporting capabilities of industrial common technologies and key technologies, and the level of engineering technical services, and mature and develop the small test results from universities, scientific research institutions and start-ups. and marketization.


A fund for the transformation of innovative achievements has been established.

Cooperate with leading brand institutions to jointly incubate the settled projects. It has reached a comprehensive cooperation with Shenzhen Angel Fund of Funds on the co-building of the "Angel Hui" brand and the co-incubation of scientific and technological enterprises.




— Source of innovation —


Innovative talents

Academicians, international specially-appointed experts, high-level talents, researchers of colleges and universities


Government support

Space carrier, Government policy, R&D funding


R & D platform

SUSTech Scientific Research Platform and Pilot Service Platform


Professional service

Industry Alliance Technology Plan Intellectual Property Financial Services




— Service system —



The construction of the service system of ITRI aims to improve the success rate of scientific and technological achievements transformation and enterprise innovation incubation, gather and integrate various innovative elements required by enterprises in the process of operation and development, provide enterprises with services in the whole process of scientific and technological incubation, and extensively use social resources to achieve goals.





Co-construction unit introduction



Southern University of Science and Technology

Southern University of Science and Technology (abbreviation: Southern University of Science and Technology) is a new type of public research university with a high starting point and high positioning established by Shenzhen in the context of China's higher education reform and development. The school draws on the discipline setting and school-running model of world-class science and engineering universities, focusing on science, engineering, and medicine, with a disciplinary system of business and distinctive humanities and social sciences. Carry out research in the direction of making the school a think tank leading social development and a source of new knowledge and new technologies.


Bao'an District Government

Bao'an District is located in the geographic center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, northwest of Shenzhen. It is an economic zone, an industrial zone and an export zone in Shenzhen, with a relatively solid industrial foundation and obvious export-oriented characteristics. industrial structure. In the "dual district" construction, we will work together to help Qianhai build a new center of a modern, international and innovative city; make every effort to build a world-class new-generation electronic information industry cluster, and build a high-quality development of intellectual innovation; build a "Western Association" bridgehead , the core engine of the linkage between the east and west banks of the Pearl River Estuary, and the integrated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.



Floor 16-18, Jingang Business Building, Dachanwan Port District, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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